Tweak Pack – Smile v4.2.2 Jailbreak Tool on Shortcut App 🇯🇵

Tweak Box – Smile, is a premium Japanese tool on Shortcut hand crafted by @Smiledayo_ and @TweakPack that provides jailbreak to put tweaks into Cydia and Sileo. Curated with the upmost respect, Smile presents a new way to work with Jailbreak.

Inspirational and motivating a “MUST download”

The tool is easier to use, easier to see, and the more Tweak Box than ever. After version 4.2.0 and countless iterations, Smile happily presented the smoothest Shortcut yet.

Purely visionary, this release enhanced the UI making it easier to see. The new list page is perfect for quick and easy access even for jailbreak beginners! Until v3, only the explanation of Tweak was explained, but the design was re-envisioned from the ground up for a smoother and sleek experience.

Visually Stunning

Works on all devices

The UI update includes a new install page prominent in the early-access beta only available to Smile’s Twitter followers. Hopefully, she continues her passionate work inspiring the community to build better tools with less.

This is the jailbreak tool for family; no computer necessary. The easy-to-see features are so cute it will fit in your school pocket or on your iPad Pro. Everything about this update is perfect and finely tuned. Smile and her team curated a diagnostic sheet detailing all the improvements.

FunctionTweak Box
Startup speed0.36 seconds
Tweak number130+
Repo number40
Code number834
Color number8 colors
Log function
File modification
Notation methodIcon
Check for updates
Tweak save
Update function
Repo batch addition×

Story Leak Update

Since the release of version 4.2.0, the creator of Tweak Box made an announcement stating that an English version will be supported soon. We expect that version 4.2.1 or version 5.0.0 will contain a full English translation. Message Smile for an English version.

Smile leaking news for future updates

Smile is working hard to craft the perfect name. Unfortunately some names are already taken. She will continue her craft while a new name comes to her. Followers are curious about the new name.

Smile plans ahead for new name

Smile puts in many updates and changes the name of “Tweak Box” to “Tweak Pack” after listening to the community. The latest version for Tweak Pack is now available on iOS Haven.

Smile updates Tweak Pack to v4.2.2

The official Twitter for Tweak Pack tweeted stating that Cydia Impactor is replaced. Cydia Impactor moves aside and make way for the good! Tweak Pack is considered special in the iOS Haven community. Stay tuned!

Where is Cydia Impactor now?


Downloading has never been easier with Apple’s Shortcut app and iOS Haven’s powerful search capabilities. You can install Tweak Box v4.2.0 in seconds. Follow this step by step guide to install now:

1. Search for Tweak Box

Go to iOS Haven’s search tab and type in “Tweak Box” into the search bar just above all the music, movies, emulators, and jailbreak apps.

Apple shortcuts are hard to find and share with friends. iOS Haven makes it easy because we let your friends search for the shortcut.

Easy as 1-2-3 install page

3. Set up and launch Shortcut

As soon as you click on the link on iOS Haven, the Shortcut app will open Tweak Box. Click the blue button to begin. More information can be found on Smile’s website.

Shortcut interface for setting up Tweak Box.


We appreciate the work that Smile created for the Jailbreak community. Please look at her work for Jailbreak on Shortcut. Message her on Twitter for questions.

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