Savecloud for Sound Cloud Music Download iPhone

How to download SoundCloud Music on iPhone

You need to download SoundCloud music using Savecloud for iOS 15 and iOS 14! Savecloud is one of the most popular music apps on iOS and Android devices. Keep reading if you love to listen to music or need to download songs.

Find the perfect song on while listing to music with friends. This app is the perfect tweaked app for audiophiles. Savecloud is a great alternative to Spotify, YouTube Music, Napster, and AudioTube. Listen to your favorite new releases and classic tunes by downloading Savecloud for iPhone and iPod devices without jailbreak.

Why is Savecloud the Best?

You need Savecloud for downloading unique music and long road trips. Imagine listing to any song you want without paying for YouTube Music or Spotify. With this neat trick you will always have the best music.

What if I have an Android device? Check out this APK -> SoundCloud APK + Mod (Lite) Downlaod

How safe is SaveCloud download?

Fraud websites are quick to steal your money. Below I will break down how to install SaveCloud on your device in a matter of seconds. This tweak will let you remove ads, create intelligent playlists, disable autostart, and remove junk.

No, this is not unlimited cash, coins, or gems. People that offer those types of hacks are trying to install viruses and scam you. Make sure you stay safe by using iOS Haven and its suggested 3rd Party Stores.

These features will make you a world class DJ! You can browse your favorite songs on Savecloud without any annoying problems like ads!

Savecloud APK + Mod Download

Look above to see the tweak in action. See the premium features available after downloading the app.

All the features of the app are found in previous tutorials. Checkout our other blog posts to learn more. Here are some of the steps.

SaveCloud Tweaked App Features for iOS

SaveCloud is a great mod for all types of people. There are so many features that we could only list out a few otherwise we would be typing all day. Our friends at APK Mody helped us highlight the best features.

SoundCloud updates new songs super-fast

Fast here means whether it’s demos or random songs from freelance artists, new artists, acoustic singers, every new song (based on your listening history) shows up on the list. New book. And you can see this list updating every minute and every second, never stopping. This is also the point that shows SoundCloud’s prestige and extensive influence on music listeners and artists.

It must also be added that SoundCloud’s music library is very extensive. This is also a favorite place for artists when they have new products. And if you want to listen to a lot of styles at the same time, with a variety of global artists, I can say for sure that nothing can beat SoundCloud right now.

Clear music history, never fade away

Have you ever naturally hummed along to a tune you’ve heard on SoundCloud but can’t remember the name? What you need to do is just review the History, you will probably find it. The list of song history in SoundCloud also appears clear, detailed and well organized, easy to read and easy to control, you can search by listening time period, search by singer or style music. The narrower the search limit, the faster the search, right?

Find your favorite music easily

Just press a button, or type a few characters into the Search bar in SoundCloud, you can find tons of things according to the right topic, band, singer, musician… The results appear always full of the songs, detailed music, information of each song and cover album. The results and display in SoundCloud’s Search tool are extremely neat and simple. Of course, the accuracy is unquestionable.

It’s so easy to follow idols

Follow your favorite artist’s SoundCloud account on this app to keep you up to date with the latest idols’ news, including new releases, exclusive liveshow news, career information, and collaborations with other artists. Everything is available here.
Share your favorite songs through social networks

SoundCloud is not only a place to listen to music, to find your favorite songs, but also a place where you can share all your musical tastes with like-minded people. Leaving comments on your favorite songs, choosing Stars, and “Repost on SoundCloud” to share songs on other social networks is also a great way to spread the passion.

It can be said that the “network” on SoundCloud is the strongest compared to current music players. Because it does not stop at sharing a song, but also encourages users to create their own playlists and share their preferences with other users, on the SoundCloud community or on social networks.

Some outstanding features of SoundCloud

SoundCloud itself is also a very user-friendly application. App updates refresh constantly, and after each update there is something new for you.

You can use SoundCloud with any platform such as iOS, Android, Windows, browser, Xbox. Everything is synced, from playlists to history.

Are you wondering what you have done with your life, where are the good sounds, melodies? It’s just because you haven’t found an extremely good online music player app that can satisfy all your needs and everything you’re looking for. Using SoundCloud once, you will understand the limit of music is limitless and once the passion is awakened, the world is really full of miracles.

How to Install Savecloud on iPhone with iOS Haven

Other stores require 11+ steps to install a hack. iOS Haven makes it easy and safe to download hacks. Here is how to install in 3 easy steps. Read our other tutorials to learn about other hacks.

  1. Go to the search page and type in “Savecloud”. When it pops up, click on the result to go to the download page. How to install Savecloud
  2. Click the giant blue “get” button or scroll down to find better install links. The red “x” means the apps are not signed but will be soon. If you have cydia impactor you can use the “IPA” button. Remove ads from sound cloud
  3. Wait for your app to install automatically or click the “install” button when your internet is slow. Savecloud downoad now


Yes it is true. Savecloud is easy to install on iOS and Android. iOS Haven downloads work without jailbreaking and are used to download Soundcloud music which is an alternative to Spotify, Napster, and YouTube Music.

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