Inspiration from TweakPack

Over the last few weeks Smile worked hard to create innovative Shortcut apps for people in the community. We believe Smile is trendsetting and finding alternative ways to harness power out of the iPhone.


Providing apps to the community is what we love to do most! Smile reminds us everyday. When we fall down, we get back up. Not because we must, but because we want to make things. Keep your chin up!

Sometimes things go the way we see, other times they do not. What is most important is friendship and that we continue to inspire the community.

Yes– things will change, and others will stay the same, but what is truly important is iOS Haven will always continue to support the community the best it can.

We ask that you stay true to one another. We climb through tough times, and we are focused and ready for what is next.

New ideas, new ways to be creative; it is all possible with Shortcuts. Smile proves this time and time again releasing new versions and a beta for TweakPack in Japanese and English.

It is no longer about what is free, it is about who is free. To jailbreak or not, that is the question. With shortcuts, people like Smile can curate sophisticated apps using the power of their phone.

People do not need to write code or learn the internals of Swift, everything they want is right in front of them. Everything they want is shortcuts.

Yes we agree Jailbreak is fun, but what is the cost? Is it really worth all the stress, time, and hard work? We see Smile’s work as a paved way to the future.

To understand what we mean, you need to understand Shortcuts like Smile. You need to understand that Apple provides shortcuts natively. Shortcuts bring infinite opportunities internally and externally.

Wow! What a wild ride! Thank you Smile for bringing us the new TweakPack English version. We hope that you continue to enjoy our app and are inspired to create something new and different every day.

Thank you for your continued support.

iOS Haven Development Team

What are you waiting for? Get creative with shortcuts!


This story is much more than public recognition to Smile, this is a call for innovation and creativity that seems to be dwindling in our communities. Hard times have made it challenging to produce the best work, so we must carry forward as our wounds heal.

Creativity and inspiring others is mentally challenging, so we are handing shortcuts to the community. We challenge you to continue innovating success with Shortcuts.

If you want to help make Shortcuts, we need videos, tutorials, smart people, and more. We continue being passionate to make Shortcuts your next big app. Share your success with us directly on social media and we will help you succeed too.


To see the TweakPack beta created by Smile, first head over to iOS Haven and search for “Tweak Pack”.

See my blog image to understand how to find Tweak Pack.

Next, read the description located under the Shortcut. When you are ready to download the latest stable version you may tap the blue “Get” button on iOS Haven.

See my blog image to locate the description.

When you are ready to try the newly released beta with English translation, scroll down to the bottom of the description. Tap the link under the “Beta Releases” section located in the description.

See my blog image to download beta version of TweakPack

Finally, install the app by preceding through the steps. We do not have Cydia or Sileo so we have limited screenshots right now. Stay tuned for more in-depth tutorials as the beta becomes polished.

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