How to Share Apple Shortcuts with Friends

This tutorial will show you how you can create a Apple Shortcut and share it with friends. This is super useful for creating cool apps without using a computer or publishing to the App Store. By using iOS Haven Shortcuts Platform you can share your Apple Shortcut projects and betas with the world for free.

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Step 1: Create a shortcut

First, to share your shortcut you must open the “Shortcut” app on your Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If you do not have the “Shortcut” app you will need to ensure you have the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

See my blog image for example shortcut code.

Every shortcut can be published to the world by obtaining an iCloud link. This long link is difficult to read and find for family members which is why we suggest using iOS Haven for sharing your shortcut. You can bring up the context menu by clicking the save icon that looks like a box with an upward pointing arrow.

With the context menu displayed, you will see that you can share your shortcut hundreds of ways. This means you will need to copy the link every time your friend asks for your shortcut. We prefer iOS Haven because it keeps everything in one location.

To obtain your iCloud link, click the button that says “Copy iCloud Link” that is represented by a little cloud icon. When copied successfully your devices will show a pop up message saying that the link has been copied.

See my blog image for example of the context menu used to obtain an iCloud link.

Step 3: Find a Easy Place to Share

We use iOS Haven to share our Apple Shortcut with friends and family. After creating a free account, we can visit the Shortcuts listing page to see a large blue button that says “Create” and a list of free and publicly available iOS Shortcuts.

To add a shortcut, we click the large blue button that says “Create”. After we are signed in to our account, we will be brought to an easy to use form for sharing Apple Shortcuts.

See my blog image to see a listing of iOS Shortcuts for sharing.

Step 4:

Immediately after clicking the blue button from step 3, we are presented with a form containing exactly 2 fields. The first field is a required field labeled “Shortcut ID”. This first field is where we will paste our iCloud link copied from the Shortcut app in step 2.

Next, we type a description which contains important information for sharing with friends. We used the Markdown syntax language to create a rich and SEO friendly description of our app including a change log and links to beta apps. This is perfect for large Shortcut apps because beta tests will have easy access.

When we are satisfied with the results. We click the large save button before preceding to the next step.

See my blog image which shows the form fields for creating a new iOS Shortcut on iOS Haven.

Step 5: Creating and Editing Additional Apps

iOS Haven is the perfect tool for sharing Shortcut apps because it allows me to upload hundreds of iOS Shortcuts. By visiting the Shortcut dashboard I can see all my Shortcuts and statistics including apps awaiting moderator approval. This means my Shortcut can go viral and get millions of downloads!

The first image shows how to navigate through the Apple Shortcut dashboard on iOS Haven. The second image shows a list of my Shortcuts used for selecting which one I want to update. The third image shows how popular my shortcut is after 7 days.

Step 6: Share Your Distributed Shortcut

After moderator approval, you can go to the iOS Haven search page and type in the name of your Shortcut. From the details page, you can share your app with anyone in the world!


Sharing an iOS Shortcut app is difficult because you have to copy a long link for all of your friends. With iOS Haven sharing is super easy and you get bonus features including analytics, live editing, and comments. With iOS Haven you can take your Apple Shortcut to the next level!

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