How to Install iOS Haven Community Edition

Learn how to install iOS Haven

What is iOS Haven?

iOS Haven is a community driven 3rd party app store that let’s you download hacks, mods, and free apps, to your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. iOS Haven is a alternative to big names like AppValley, Tutubox, TweakBox, Buildstore, iOS Ninja, and iOS Gods. Unlike other stores, iOS Haven provides multiple download links from “providers” so you have a higher chance of finding a working download.

Community Tutorials

We provide a list of community tutorials for you to watch. We suggest you watch all of them to understand what iOS Haven is about.

How to get IOS haven (one of the best tweaked app/game installers)

How download minecraft PE on ios for free

iOS Store & iOS Haven: Which is best?

How to Install iOS Haven

Share your video with us.

Is your video better or do you want to get free views? Share your iOS Haven videos OR app tweaking videos with us, and we will put it on our website. You MUST use this tweet to get your video on our website. Alternatively, you can comment your share your video in the comments, but Facebook may automatically mark the comment as spam. Twitter is the better way to share your video.

Tweeted Tutorials

You can send us YouTube videos too or just tweet us a tutorial. Check out what these people have to say about iOS Haven!

Here you go, it’s to add iOS haven to your Home Screen.— Trenton (@trenttweaker) December 24, 2021

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