Grosou – Enhance Aesthetic Direct From Control Center

Take occasional breathers direct from your control panel on iOS and iPhone. Flip the switch and make the tone right for any occasion. Maintain channeled energy before and after big chill. Keep your aesthetic to regain ever soothing control.

Native controls for harnessing control

It does nothing flashy or fast, but this life extension is perfect for ambiance. Colorful sounds including pink, white, brown, and stream live right in your control panel. We like to call this “soothing essentials”. With a name like this, it has everything you need; Noise selection, volume controls, and a mood killer switch. Pure control and pure focus.

Vibe to the Right Machine

Noise machines will hurt your wallet, but this tweak harnesses untapped power from iPhone internals curating the perfect pitch. The newer Pro model iPhones with AI chips produce a pitch that is so pure it is hard to hear to the untrained ear.

Bonus: Positive energy wallpaper donated by artist Samuel Ferrara

Vibe experts primarily located in the depths of the Asia alpines not only hear but see a health connection between tones and essential salts & oils. Monks will start by harnessing the power of these tones from their control panel functions and incorporate oils and salts “when the time is right”. Take a soothing journey from the comfort of your home screen.

Everyone resonates differently. We personally enjoy the pink noise but change it up when the mood is different. The app designers channeled the sounds from their heart and soul descending from Vietnamese lands. With precision and hand selected tones, they seamlessly pair aesthetic sine waves produced from reverberating silicon and aluminum.

Mellow Out with Grosou

Grosou is a limited app only available through jailbreaking, and some say it is worth unc0vering for pure bliss. Little is known of this low key tool but we tracked down the first version dating back to the founders. Sonorous.

TTJB repository works with any package manager app of choice by using the URL provided below:

Share your vibes with us for more positive energy. Cheers & Happy New Years! 🥂

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