iOS 14.4-14.8 Full File System & Keychain Extraction for A11-A13 Chips

With Checkra1n release coming soon, we received news that Apple forensics experts, ElcomSoft, just found an exploit in iPhones running iOS 14 with A11-A13 chips.

ElcomSoft expects to find a solution as soon as January. Asking people to DM them on Twitter if this is urgent matter because many people are confused on what this means. The community hopes more people start reporting on this topic because this could be big news!

Reactions over the past day have been mixed. People on Twitter are excited for a new jailbreak which has full file system and keychain extraction. When asked if a jailbreak is coming, @ElcomSoft replied “Probably yes, but not from us”.

Screenshot of ElcomSoft iOS Forensic Toolkit. Information redacted for confidentiality.

Meanwhile, people on Reddit are skeptical, some users saying “Oof that’s not good”, and thinking this must be a double-edged sword. Some people going as far to say this is more of a “very high security breach for iOS 14 users”.

We are following this story closely because many people are worried about getting passwords and credit cards stolen. With no keychain all your private information could be stolen directly from your iPhone without you knowing.


After publishing this story, unc0ver released an unexpected MAJOR update v8.0.0 for A11-A13 chips. We do not know if this is a coincidence or related to this exploit found by ElcomSoft not even 24 hours prior. Does Checkra1n have competition or is Unc0ver too good to even compare?


This story is still developing. Please reach out to the experts @ElcomSoft and @SaundersTech if you have any questions. We will cover the updates as we learn more. Stay tuned.

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