Discord Tweak for Invisible Typing

New Invisible Typing Discord Tweak for Jailbreaks

Many chat applications including Telegram, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Discord are all real time chatting apps for communicating with friends. However, they all disregard privacy by including a typing indicator feature.

New Tweak Protects Privacy as a Bonus

The typing indicator is a privacy concern and should really be an opt-out feature on Discord and other chat applications because some people will think you are available just because you responded to a message. They will also think you are not busy because you are spending time to type out a long message.

Unfortunately, Discord does not give people the ability to opt out which is a huge privacy concern for some folks. Luckily genius developers like Donator Fiore just released an epic Discord tweak for jailbreaks. He named the project “Invisible Typing” because the mod does just that.

The tweak allows people to opt-out of Discords typing indicator meaning your fiends will not see when you are typing. This is perfect for remaining low-key when you want to chill and great for trolling.

Simple and easy to use

What is really awesome about this tweak is how easy it is to use. There are no settings to configure or special rules to follow. Everything works flawlessly from the start. This means you can hide your typing quick and easy.

We expect as this tweak gains popularity there will be more options like changing the color of the “typing” message or a toggle for always showing the typing indicator. Imaging how funny it would be if your friends always thought you were typing. Epic trolling.

Currently, this tweak only works for Discord but if enough people download, the developers will probably update it to work with other platforms like WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage.

Visit Repository to Download Tweak

The best place to download this tweak for jailbreak is Donato’s personal repository. All you have to do is visit the repository on you jailbreak iPhone and use your favorite package manager. The repo is hosted on GitHub.

Invisible Typing supports all jailbroken devices capable of running the Discord app. Those not already using Donato’s personal repository can add it to their package manager app of choice by using the URL provided below:


Leave a comment below if this worked for you. Did you do anything funny? If it did not work ask for help because a lot of genius developers like Donato read this blog.

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