Checkra1n Jailbreak iOS 15 LEAKED NEWS

Read insider reports for new Checkra1n update!

Checkra1n Insider News Blasting Discord Channels

Insider reports are flowing in that a new and improved version of Checkra1n is coming to iOS 15! What does this mean for you and other people looking to jailbreak? Could this be the next big update that everyone is looking for?

Reddit leaks are showing up in discord channels across the community of a leaked conversation from the skilled developers of Checkra1n. People highly respect the developers behind Checkra1n because they are essentially working for free. Even with the holidays on the line, they are crunching out big time jailbreaks to give back to the community!

Readers were left guessing whether or not the update will be worth updating. They were skeptical about what iOS 15 Checkra1n means for new iPhones including the latest models. Critics were saying that given the current history, Checkra1n only has 2 options but others say otherwise

Believers say that Checkra1n will use a rootless or perhaps a none rootless release for mounting purposes. Others believe that Checkra1n will have to do something different because bind mounts are dead on iOS 15.

Is it bind mounts that are dead, or are union mounts dead? Those are the big questions floating around. Honestly, they will need to make sure only the smart developers are working on this if they want iOS 15 to have a Checkra1n update.

Regardless, the debates happening are quite confusing so we dug deep into the community looking for an expert. Afterall, nobody knows jailbreaking and iOS like Saunders Tech. His YouTube channel currently has over 100,000 subscribers and is growing fast. We expect he will be the top of jailbreak news soon.

Jailbreak Expert Translate Community Discussions

We will not know if Checkra1n will be complete for the holidays or until next year. One this is for sure, is people are working fast on this new update. The talk of coding and file system mounts is difficult to understand but Saunders Tech breaks provides a clear translation for what is to come.

Given that the experts are correctly translating what this means, Checkra1n is in fact, not going rootless. This hit some people by suprise. The likely cause is because iOS 15 will start providing file system checks. When the file system is modified, reports say your phone will enter DFU mode. Which is the last think anyone wants while jailbreaking their phone.

They folks at Checkra1n are working tirelessly to find away around this iOS 15 update and expect to have the full file system available on the next release. Whether or not there will be enough time is up for debate. What do you think?

Timeline for Checkra1n iOS 15 Update

Again this may get lost in translation but our expert source says the timeline will around the 5-7 day mark. Given this is somewhat old news, we expect this could significantly change the timeline by a couple days.

How much jailbreaking can occurr in 5-7 days anyways? We think a lot will happen as Checkra1n starts working with Apple software on the new iPhone. Although, it could easily take 1-2 months time depending on any amount of unknown factors. We are hoping for at least a New Year’s update at the latest or perhaps Easter when ever that is.


There is a lot of chat amongst the Checkra1n development teams and outside channels as a leak has sprung out some news which could mean a new and improved version of the jailbreak.

What do you think?